Interior Lighting & Maintenance

DMS Companies, Inc.

Changing an interior light bulb may seem easy, but it takes your staff member or building engineer an average of 25 minutes for one bulb change, not to mention interruption to work flow and stocking of bulbs.

With DMS Companies’s Interior Inspection Program and Service on Demand, you can focus on business while we take care of the rest.

We’ll report to you directly on arrival, complete our repairs and check with you before we leave to ensure you’re completely satisfied with our work. With today’s reduced staffing and the added burdens and costs of warehousing bulky lighting materials, out-sourcing your lighting maintenance has consistently remained a smart P&L decision. Why buy lamps, ballasts, ladders, scaffold, lifts, etc. and store them in your building to service your indoor and outdoor lighting when DMS Companies would be the Best Solution.

  • Your valuable in-house engineering staff is freed-up to concentrate on critical items, not changing light bulbs!
  • The need to buy, rent or maintain specialized lift equipment is reduced and so is the associated safety risk!
  • Your maintenance staff can concentrate on preventative work versus chasing constant lamp outages which interrupt your work!
  • Eliminate the lighting inventory you carry in stock!

With every DMS Companies service call we utilize NALMCO certified technicians and follow strict safety and code regulations. Hazardous lamps are removed and properly recycled.