Energy Rebate & Programs

DMS Companies, Inc.

Our lighting technicians can show you how to save energy and money without sacrificing good lighting.

We will assist you in taking advantage of various utility company rebate programs and tax incentives.

DMS Companies is an APS Trade Ally, working directly to solve and provide the best possible savings on retrofitting lighting systems. To make upgrades even more appealing, SRP and APS are offering incentives. These are often in the form of a per-fixture rebate, or lamp, but might be based on consumption reduction or some other method. There might also be rebates for adding controls such as motion and ambient light sensors, time controls and the like.

These rebates can really add up and, in some cases, reduce the pay-back period to months instead of years. Call us today to discover what rebates might be available in your area.

With every DMS Companies service call we utilize NALMCO certified technicians and follow strict safety and code regulations. Hazardous lamps are removed and properly recycled.