Group Relamping Program

DMS Companies, Inc.

Group Relamping is a strategic plan of replacing all lamps and/or ballasts at the same time.

There are many benefits to Group Relamping.

Benefits include:

  • Replace Current Lamps with Energy Efficient Lamps
  • Reduce Labor and Maintenance Costs
  • Obtain a Consistent Appearance
  • Produce a Uniform Light Output
  • Minimize Disruptions to Your Business
  • Includes a Thorough Cleaning of Fixtures and Lenses
  • Reduces Overall Lighting Maintenance and Energy Costs

Group Relamping is part of the Retrofitting process, however Retrofitting also includes ballast replacement, which in some cases may already be current or cause too much light loss. Let our DMS Companies technicians evaluate and recommend best solution for your property and budget.

With every DMS Companies service call we utilize NALMCO certified technicians and follow strict safety and code regulations. Hazardous lamps are removed and properly recycled.