Emergency Lighting & Safety Plans

DMS Companies, Inc.

Emergency and life safety systems are not just a matter of code, they are a matter of life.

DMS Companies offers a FREE Emergency & Safety Audit. Our technicians are ready to test, repair and install emergency lighting before an emergency occurs.

While most commercial buildings have adequate exit signs and emergency lighting to meet building and safety codes, life safety doesn’t end there. If the equipment doesn’t do its job when it needs to, then you haven’t done yours. Emergency / Life-Safety Systems are so important that the law requires monthly and annual testing inspections. Typically, the facilities maintenance department conducts the testing and repairs, but today they are stretched too far with daily repairs and tenant issues. With the length of time that proper testing takes to complete, it’s no wonder emergency lighting never rises to the top of a punch list. Our Solution, the EMG Inspection Program, is your first line of defense to make sure your people can safely exit your building in an emergency and provides documentation as proof of performance.

With every DMS Companies service call we utilize NALMCO certified technicians and follow strict safety and code regulations. Hazardous lamps are removed and properly recycled.